Start Selling on eBay 2020 Guide: Open eBay and PayPal Accounts

Why should I sell on eBay? Isn’t eBay old? We get these questions a lot. Let’s look at the facts: the value of items sold on eBay has almost doubled between 2007 and 2017 and has reached around $100 bn in 2018. eBay currently has 183 million active buyers (source Link). 

You can sell to 183 million buyers on eBay!

eBay is also a great starting platform for building your broader e-commerce business. Start selling on eBay, expand into Amazon and finally open your own e-commerce store!

Ready to give it a try? 

Open Your eBay Account

First open an account with eBay. Go to eBay.com. and click register at the top left corner:

Fill in your first and last name as well as password and click “create account”. eBay will sent you an email to verify your account and you will be automatically transferred to your eBay account. Click My eBay -> Selling on the top right corner to get started. You will see a dashboard of your eBay platform.

At this point eBay will prompt you to enter your address and phone number.

After which you will be transferred to your selling overview! Often eBay will give you selling promotions to sell a certain number of items for free. All you need to do to benefit from these promotions is just click “Get offer”.

Create a Seller’s Account

If you keep scrolling down on My eBay Selling Overview you will see a button “Check your selling fee balance”.

When you click on it you will see a dashboard that will tell you that your account has not been created yet until an actual debit or credit card has been posted on the account.

Click the button sign up today that you see on the bottom of the page and click on “Create a seller’s account” after that. eBay will prompt you to sign in again and verify your identity by sending you a text massage. You will receive a code as a text message or through a phone call that you can use to verify your identity.

After that if you go back to “Check your selling fee balance” (Click My ebay on top left corner -> Selling scroll down to the bottom of the page) you will see a new dashboard that indicates that you have activated your eBay account. Now its time to add an automatic payment method. Click “Sign Up Today” at the bottom of the page again.

We recommend a PayPal account for Sellers on eBay. Click continue to PayPal and you will be transferred to Pay Pal website.

Open a PayPal Account and Connect it to eBay

Click create account and add your address and credit card to get started. PayPal will send you a verification email that you will have to confirm. PayPal will also ask you if you’d like to connect your account to Google. We recommend doing this but if you like to skip this step an option will appear after a few seconds on the bottom of the page. 

After you click “Accept and Continue” you will get transferred back to eBay store where you will see the following page:

Congratulations you are now ready to sell!

First rule of selling on eBay: you only sell what you list. That sounds simple, but a lot of times we find that sellers are limited not by eBay constrains but by their own speed. As a new seller, in particular, you want to list as many items as possible to increase your reputation and build a client base. One easy way to achieve this is by starting with a large number of low value items and subsequently move to more lucrative price range of $50+ items that will allow you optimize your effort / profit ratio. In addition to getting you a lot of reviews, these low value items will help you get more familiar with selling on eBay in a capital-preserving manner as well as will help build initial capital for investing into more expensive stock.

All sellers on eBay have selling limits. If you are new to the platform you might be limited to $500 – $1000 or 5-10 items per month. If you have had an account for a while you might have much higher limits even if you have never sold anything. After you create your seller’s account you should typically see your limits in My eBay Selling Overview.

As you generate sales and positive feedback you can ask eBay to increase your limit on this page. As you scroll down the page you will see a button “Increase my sales limits that you can press”. Please keep in mind that opening an eBay store will not make your limitations go away! PayPal will also impose limits on your account initially. The company might hold your money for 2-3 weeks as a “probationary period” before you can use it in order to make sure you are a trustworthy seller. After that all PayPal limitations will be lifted.

Next, check out our guide on “Building your Product Strategy” for more details on starting your product portfolio. If you’d prefer personalized help on eBay selling, we’re happy to chat. Click here to schedule a time with an expert mentor.

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